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Training Tutorial

Video is an exceptionally effective training device. It delivers your message in a concise, consistent, repeatable, perfectly correct, and emotionally stimulating manner

Training can be internal within a company or organization or externally to provide guidance to customers

Internal training video subjects often are on employee benefits & wage plans, new equipment usage, safety, regulation requirements, company processes and many others.

A training video is almost a necessity for companies where high turnovers require continual training or where new subjects are being constantly introduced. With a video, the same correct message is given avoiding interpretation errors and second hand information. This also allows much wider distribution than if a person had to physically perform training.

Externally, customers can be trained on the use of your product or service and often for troubleshooting; cutting down significantly calls to your customer support people.

An effective video company will thoroughly research and learn the equipment or process they are training on.

In fact, in many cases, your video company will become a subject matter expert on your subject. During this process, a client will provide manuals, diagrams, interviews and any other pertinent information. The video company will translate this material to a video script and shot list, which is designed to teach a subject and provide retention for the viewer.

A fallacy held by many is that a detailed description of a process, which looks good in print, serves as a video script.

Though something written in print may appear to the casual reader as effective, when translated to an attempt at a training video, it is frequently woefully inadequate. The truth is that a written description is only the beginning, which then needs to be developed into a script, which must match to visuals that provide continuity and logical progression, subject transitions and repetition necessary for learning.

Once the video is complete it can be delivered on video tape, CD, DVD or put on your website. Taken a step further, it can be made into an interactive CD or DVD that will allow testing and rapid access to specific sections. Additional information can be added such as catalogues and other reference material.

There are several companies in this association who are experienced and capable of providing your training video. We suggest you discuss your requirements with them and work with the people you are most comfortable with and feel will best accomplish your goals.

To find a LVVA certified video company to produce your training videos, please
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