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What Is Mutimedia!

Almost everybody by now has heard the word MULTIMEDIA. Everybody reads about it, talks about it and wants it. But what is it? For years the concept of multimedia has existed but the word “multimedia” did not.

Multimedia is the integration of text, graphics, still images, video, animation and sound, combined together to bring you a final production. This can be in the form of a CD-ROM presentation, a speakers presentation, an interactive DVD, a presentation on a kiosk, a program transmitted across cable or other means of distribution, or a full featured multimedia web site.

Today, multimedia is used for advertising, entertainment, public information, training and education. In the case of interactive multimedia, the user is now allowed to be involved and interact with the multimedia. The user in this case, now has control over the flow of data. They can now navigate through the information at their own pace, getting feedback where necessary.

Why use multimedia?

Humans retain:
20% of what they see
30% of what they hear
50% of what they both see & hear
80% of what they see, hear and do

Video becomes a very important part of any Multimedia project. This portion of the production can be a training video, an interview, an infomercial, or just about anything else that can be put to video.

There are numerous LVVA videographers who are qualified to produce video content for your multimedia project and several experienced in producing the interactive aspects. Check out our member link to find the LVVA company that will achieve your goals"

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