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LVVA Statement on Legal Video:

You are an attorney with a good case. You want to accurately depict and clarify the compelling points of your case for the benefit of the jury, the Judge, opposing counsel, insurance claims representatives, or the Mediator. There is no better way than the use of video to personalize your case.

Many attorneys think of video only in connection with video depositions, for use if that witness is unavailable for court dates. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in today’s technology-driven legal community.

Day-in-the-Life Documentaries have been around for a while, and many personal injury and malpractice lawyers use them to document a Plaintiff’s damages as the result of an accident or medical malpractice.

Think broader.

Video can document the story. There’s always a story in any dispute. What is the story?

Video can document the truth. That’s what the Judge and the jury are looking for. What is the truth?

If you have a products case, video can show the way the product is used and/or misused, in minute detail or on a broad scale. The same is true for various tools or machines used in many industries.

Do you have a client who wants to dictate a Living Will? Video can show that your client is in full possession of all of his or her faculties at the time of signing that will to avoid a court fight at probate.

Perhaps your client wants to document real estate and home contents for insurance purposes. It is good insurance to have a professional videographer verify the actual state of affairs before it is needed. Video can also give proof to the state of repair of a residence or commercial property in a real estate transaction.

Do you have a Mediation Conference scheduled for your client? A Mediation Documentary will take the most compelling evidence for your case; weave it together in a concise but complete video to show to the other side at your Mediation Conference.

Video is unsurpassed at documenting accident scenes and reconstructions.

Do you have a difficult client and want the best in witness preparation? Videotape your client under conditions of intricate direct and cross-examination. When that witness sees the video, it provides a forum for discussing the best testimony, appearance, and behavior on the witness stand.

Mock Trials and Focus Groups are routinely videotaped to give you the feeling of being inside the jury room with selected participants discussing every aspect of your case in meticulous detail.

One of the best uses of litigation video is in the Settlement Documentary. This video presents crucial information in a multi-dimensional format and gives you the enhanced edge in successfully settling your case early or using parts of it in trial.

No matter what the presentation, your use of a video professional who is also trained in the law and has experience with a number of legal cases is essential. Don’t try this by yourself with your camcorder. To accomplish your goals, hire a professional.

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