Professional video goes beyond just using expensive equipment.

It tells a story, communicates information, and in the case of capturing a significant event, provides the next best option to actually being there in person. In order to effectively achieve this task, preparation, planning, artistic camera-work, graphics and editing are combined with creative storytelling techniques.

Whether demonstrating or marketing a product or service, training employees or documenting an event, the level of the skills of the videographer or video production company will determine how interesting and effective the final product will be.

Our association was created to improve the quality and standards of professional videography in the Las Vegas area. Our focus includes educating the public about the benefits of video and how to find the right company to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Our member list is your resource for choosing the videographers best matched to your needs. We recommend contacting our videographers to view samples and discuss what they can do for you. Look for upcoming articles on this web site discussing how to pursue this task. Feel free to browse our list of certified members.

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There are Three Phases of Video Production.

The video process starts with a Pre-Production phase where in meetings with your production company, everyone will decide and agree on what your message is and what you want your audience to do after they see it.  From there a script is built which includes a description of the shots, required graphics, animations, narrative or dialogue and music.  Your video company will scout the locations where shooting is planned and determine such things as if it is too noisy, when is the sun in the right place and other issues that must be included in the plan.

On the actual shoot, the Production phase, you'll find someone responsible for camera operation, lighting, sound, make-up and directing the action while being certain the planned scenes transition properly (continuity).  Someone also may be logging (keeping track) of which taped shots are the ones, that will be used and monitoring the script to be certain every required shot is accomplished.  And, recognize, if actions, even as simple as moving a lever, must be videotaped, there may be numerous takes till the proper shot is accomplished. If someone must say a line, while performing an action, it adds to the complexity.

Once the videotaping is completed, the project enters what is called Post-Production.   This is the editing phase and today this is done on computers with lots of hard drive storage.  The selected takes are digitized (encoded from videotape played into the computer), trimmed, and arranged on a timeline in editing software.
Animations, transitions between shots, graphics, voice and all the other required pieces are created, added, timed, paced and manipulated in the computer. If a voice-over (VO) for narration is done, it will typically be in a sound booth or sound studio with the voice timed to the action in the script.

Bear in mind, an animation that takes 5 seconds to play, may take days to create.
For even a short five-minute video, between planning, shooting and editing, it can take hundreds of man-hours.

These are all things your production company does, relying on you usually to input on the projects objectives, provide information on your company, schedule your people, who may be in the video, and setup logistics if video will be shot on your facilities.  As the project progresses you'll also provide input and review the progress.

A good experienced video company will do the work and work at making the production easy and enjoyable for you. If you're shopping for a company, let them show you what they have done and choose people you are personally comfortable with.

Members of the Las Vegas Videographers Association are happy to help you plan and to answer your questions.

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