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Corporate Video - A Short Tutorial

You’re a company with a tremendous product, a service or idea and want to tell everyone about it in a concise, accurate, repeatable manner.

You need to train your employees all the same way or provide information to buyers.

You want to reach a large audience, and you want to get the same message to more people than you could ever reach personally.

You want to do all or some of this and motivate your audience to do or feel something and you’re not sure how to go about it

Most companies or organizations, large or small, face similar dilemmas everyday!

Many have found a way to satisfy this communication need with a solution that is ironically part of their day-to-day life in a different context.

We’re talking about telling a story with video.

If you’ve watched TV, (and unless living in a cave for 50 years, everyone has) you’ve seen people tell their story in segments as short as 30 second commercials or as long as full-length movies. Everyone’s heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. What’s interesting is that many businesses don’t see the connection between their needing to tell a story and the medium of video being able to serve this communication need.  Not necessarily a commercial or a movie, but a short video, which tells their story.  What’s more enthralling is that now, this video can be put on their website available to millions of people all over the world.

"A local Pool Company, since they’ve been showing an infomercial video on TV, their business has doubled.”

There are many success stories. The one that comes to mind first is the story of an inventor who came to us with a device she was trying to get on QVC.  She had sent the product, directions, diagrams, descriptions of use, had made numerous follow-up phones calls, etc.; all to no avail.  Finally when she decided to make a 3-minute video, it was because she had reasoned that words or print couldn’t duplicate showing how easy the device worked and without showing it, QVC couldn’t conceptualize how to use it and see the potential.

One day after the video had been viewed, QVC called, and placed the first of many orders. This ultimately totaled over 350,000 units!

Her inexpensive video was used on air and it was a large part of the sales success.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of examples, perhaps more, of video success stories. Maybe this little article has got you thinking how you can get your message out.

Though there is tons of video production equipment, available to anyone, a video production is much more than good equipment.

A successful video project involves knowing how to use the equipment and more importantly, how to tell a story that accomplishes the goals of the project.
This only comes with talent and experience.

There are dozens of Video Production companies in the Las Vegas area.  If you’re now thinking of a project, realize that the process is not as simple as just pointing a camera at something, but if you choose the right company, they’ll try to make the process easier for you.

Las Vegas Videographers Association has several members qualified for this type work.

To find a LVVA certified video company to produce your corporate video,
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